Bastian: Back To The Roots Album Review

BASTIAN is an Italian rock metal band, formed in Italy in 2010 by the guitarist and songwriter Sebastiano Conti. The line up for Back To The Roots album is Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals, Sebastiano Conti – guitars, Vinny Appice – drum and Corrado Giardina – bass.

Over the last few days I have listened to Bastian’s album Back To The Roots a good few times now, and I must admit that this is a welcomed relief for me, as I have reviewed several extreme metal bands. Bastian is a Rock band out of Italy, and over the last 10 years or so I have noticed that there has been some majorly good rock and metal talent that has come out of Italy and Bastian is one of them.

Back To The Roots album has a blues vibe to it as on some of the songs you could hear it, for example The Kite, as this has the blues vibe of the 60’s.

As I listened to the offering, there some songs off this 14 track album that stood out for me, they are Dreamer, Rock Age, Spirit With The Hatchet and The Demon Behind Me, these songs spoke to me as they got that something that got me saying Yeah, I could seriously rock out to these. Rock Age is a 7 minute epic song which I totally love as it has some awesome guitars on and Apollo Papathanasio shows the vocal range on this song.

Overall, I have found that Back To The Roots album really good and enjoyable to listen to. If you lock Rock with a blues vibe, I would highly recommend that you go and check Bastian, you can check them out on their YouTube channel.

I would give Bastian 4.5 out of 5 for creating a rocking album.

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