Sacrificial Slaughter: Generation Of Terror Album Review

Sacrificial Slaughter is a thrash/Death Metal band from California, USA.

As I sat down to listen to Sacrificial Slaughter’s Generation Of Terror album, I thought to myself that this band is going to be really good, because of the genres that they do, Thrash and Death Metal.

After listening to the Generation Of Terror album on several occasions over the last couple of days I have come to the conclusion, that Sacrificial Slaughter is a damn good band. What struck me about this band is, is that they are an well rounded and know how to write and construct a song and to perform it.

There three tracks on this album that stood out for me is Bare Knuckle Beat Down, as this song has some amazing guitar work on it. Race War (Carnivore cover), this is a really good cover, the drumming on this brilliant. Generation Of Terror, this has to be my favourite song off the album as it has that quintessential Thrash Metal guitars on it, and I am very partial Thrash Metal.

I highly recommend that you go and check out their Facebook and ReverbNation pages and their YouTube channel.

I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5, well, Sacrificial Slaughter you have gained a fan.

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