Roast Dog: Random Rants of Repressed Relevance E.P. Review

Roast Dog is a man Progressive Metal Instrumental band from Latvia. The guys name is Mārtiņš Ķeire and he does the music, guitars and programming.

As I was checking P.M.M. email yesterday, and I had a message come through from Roast Dog, a band that is relatively new, only been in existence for only 2 years and Mārtiņš released Random Rants of Repressed Relevance E.P. back in March of this year. So I got the E.P. and put it on.

Well, when I heard the first track Luigi Has Always Been Cooler, I was put off at first but after listening to few times I got into it. This track mixes Prog Metal with some 8 Bit music from the retro games from the 80’s and early 90’s (which I can remember vividly, because you could call me a first gen gamer).

Up next is How To Become an Organ Donor, OK, this track might be only 1 minute 49, but the track is pretty good and that sets up the rest of the E.P. 99% is next, this is a brilliant Prog Metal track, as in, it has the typical Prog Metal, it also has that 60’s West Coast US surfer rock vibe going on which is awesome as hell.

That Little Kid Might Mug You One Day is next, OK, this is more like it, this track is the quintessential Prog track with the guitars and drumming which is superb. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle is the last track off the E.P.and is by far my favourite of the 5 tracks on the E.P. as it blends Prog with a bit of Power Metal and a bit of Doom, I could listen to this all day, and it will go onto my personal playlist.

I would definitely recommend that you go and check Roast Dog out as Mārtiņš Ķeire is an awesome musician, you can check him out on Facebook, Twitter and on Bandcamp.

I would give Random Rants of Repressed Relevance a 5 out of 5, if you like Prog Metal you’ll gonna like Roast Dog.

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