On Top: Top Dollar E.P. Review

On Top is a Hard Rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and the band consists of three people, they are Jaron Gulino – Vocals/Bass, Danny Piselli – Drums/Vocals and Ric Haas – Guitar/Vocals.

At first I wasn’t to sure about this band, but I thought OK, you haven’t even heard this band before, so give them a chance. So I did. When I played the Top Dollar E.P. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

On this E.P. they do have some sweet guitar riffs and solos and the drumming is on point, with the vocals split between the members of the band, each one brings something different to the vocal duties.

The 4 songs that are on this E.P. are Lovin’ The Devil, Walk The Walk, This Way and Everything. All four tracks are really good, but only two stood out for me that are Lovin’ The Devil and Walk The Walk as these two track have some pretty sweet guitar solos on them.

I would recommend to go and check the out on the Facebook page as they are pretty good.

I would give On Top and their E.P. Top Dollar a 4 out of 5 they have impressed me enough to want to hear more from them in the future.

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