American Wrecking Company: Everything And Nothing Album Review

American Wrecking Company are a Metal band from Tacoma, WA, USA. The band consists of TJ Cornelius – Vocals, Randy Bebich – Guitar, Ben Reynard – Guitar, Jeff Bloomfield – Bass Guitar and Dylan Hickey – Drums.

Over the last 2 years that Project Metal Music has been in existence, we here have come across some amazing bands, and one of them is American Wrecking Company. After I had put the first track on which is the title track Everything And Nothing, I was pretty much hooked by them.

Everything And Nothing album is such an album that it has some amazing slightly detuned guitars, drums and bass coupled that with Cornelius’ vocals, they make this album brutally. From the get go, it is in your face, screaming, Listen to me! listen to me NOW!! Which I totally love. This album is a refreshing change to some of the mainstream bands offerings that has come out over the last 20 years from the USA.

As I listened to Everything and Nothing the more I like it. The tracks that stood out for me are Everything And Nothing, From Grace, I Wont Listen, Purge, Enemy, Mad By Design and Day Of Shame, as all these songs to me they have some brutal guitars and drumming on them, the other tracks are good, those that I have mentioned, they have got stuck in my head in a good way.

I would highly recommend that you go and check out American Wrecking Company on their Facebook page and you also you can find some videos of them on YouTube.

I would give AWC and the album Everything And Nothing a 4.5 out of 5 for being a brilliant album

Project Metal Music


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