Atonement Theory: Illumination E.P. Review

Atonement Theory are a Industrial Metal band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The band consists of Jay Jancetic-Guitar, vocals, percussion programming, keyboards/electronics, Greg Bruchert-Bass guitar & keyboards, Phil Marfoglio-Guitar and Eorl Scholl-Live Drums.

If you like the bone crunching guitars of the Industrial Metal genre, you gonna love Atonement Theory, as this band has it all. and yes, the Illumination E.P. will make your teeth vibrate with the sheer brutality of the drums, guitars and pretty much everything else that this 4 track has to offer.

The first track up on this E.P. is the title track Illumination, might come in at 2 minute 37, but it sets up the E.P. splendidly with the heavy melodic industrial guitars. Ominous Sensation is up next, this song carries on from Illumination with the gut wrenching guitars.

The next track is Sink (The Abyss of Dwelling), this is a slight change in tempo, but it still has that brutality to it. Love the drum work and the vocals on this song, and couple those with the guitars and bass, this track is really good.

The Hallow Imprint is the last and the longest track off the E.P. clocking in at 7 minutes 43. This track starts off slow, but half way through the track, it hits you in the face with some sweet heavy guitars and is really epic as hell near the end of the track as it has some pretty cool riffing.

Atonement Theory, you have done it, you have made a new fan today. This Illumination E.P. is awesome to listen to. If you are into the Industrial Metal genre or want something new, I would highly recommend that yo go and check these guys out on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

I would give this E.P. a 5 out of 5 this is for being a brutal E.P.

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