DeathAwaits: Solve Coagula Album Review

DeathAwaits is a brilliant Thrash/Death Metal band from Lyon, France. The band consists of Flo – Vocals, Damien – Guitar, Jordan – Guitar Fred – Drum and Thomas – Bass If you like your Metal with some amazing growls you gonna like DeathAwaits.

All I can say about DeathAwaits album Solve Coagula is WOW. The way they have written and performed this material for this offering is unbelievable. They have blended the Thrash and the Death genres so well, it is mind blowing.

What really me as been really exceptionally brilliant, which set up the album is the opening track Enclosed In Booth. This track combined elements of a symphony orchestra and metal, this is a brilliant combination of both genres of music.


The rest of the album is amazing, I have no one favourite track, all of the songs are well written and performed by DeathAwaits.

I would highly recommend that you go and check them out either on their Facebook page or on their Bandcamp page.

I would give DeathAwaits and their album Solve Coagula a 5 out of 5, for being an awesome band and album.

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