NOSTOC: ÆVUM Album Review

NOSTOC are a Progressive Metal/Metal band from Costa Rica. The band consists of Freddy Lopez – Guitar and vocals, David Miranda – Guitar, Jorge Camacho – Bass and Emmanuel Calderón – Drum.

After listening to the ÆVUM album a couple of times. This seven track album has a little bit of everything on it, there is plenty of riffs, lots of pounding drums, the bass lines are sublime and the vocals are top notch. It has everything a Progressive Metal band can provide for a connoisseur of the genre.

The songs that stood out for me are: A Path to Ascend, Saturnian Mindscope Introspection, Imbued in Æther this song has more a Death Metal feel to it which I totally enjoyed listening to. Delirium is the last track that stood out for and probably my favourite song of the album as it is over 12 minutes long, as I like bands that do 7+ minute songs, as this shows not only the writing talent but also the endurance of the band when they play live.

I really enjoyed listening to this album by NOSTOC, and I would highly recommend people to go and check out this band either on their Facebook page, Instagram or Youtube.

I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5 for an amazingly brilliant album

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