Irreverence: Raise Chaos – Live In Milan Album Review

When I was checking the Project Metal Music Twitter account, I was followed by Irreverence, a Thrash/Death Metal band from Milan, Italy. We got talking and they asked me if I was up to reviewing their latest album Raise Chaos – Live In Milan.

The band consists of Riccardo Paioro – Vocals & Guitar, Eros Melis – Lead Guitar, Stefano Trulla – Bass Guitar and Davide Firinu – Drums.

This album was recorded live in 2015 for their 20th anniversary of the band’s formation. The album has 14 tracks on it, and I have listened to Raise Chaos – Live In Milan a few times, I must say that Damn these guys are good.

The whole album is amazingly brilliant, the band have created something special here when they performed live at this event, when they were celebrating 20 years together in 2015. The songs that really stood out for me (all the songs stood out), they are, Empty Tankard as this is about beer, Ace Of Spades this is an awesome cover of Motorhead’s classic and Elements Of Wrath this song totally brutal love it.

I would highly recommend that you go and check out Irreverence, either on their Facebook or Twitter pages or on their website.

I would give Raise Chaos – Live In Milan a 5 out of 5, this is a brilliant live recording by Irreverence.

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