Cavina: Part Of You E.P. Review

Since I first heard of Cavina back in March of last year, I have been following these guys with so much interest, that they have release a much anticipated new E.P. called Part Of You.

Now, Cavina is a Brazilian/Bolivian Rock/Metal band made up of Matteus Cavina on guitar, Eduardo Cavina on bass/vocals and Javier Sanchez on drums.

I have heard Part Of You E.P. numerous times now and each time I hear it, it gets better each time. This 3 track E.P. was recorded in 10 hours, and it is 90% live. The tracks on this is, Weak Flesh, What I Am and Walking Through The Valley.

Weak Flesh and What I Am are more of a metal tracks on this E.P., they have some sweet guitar/bass and drums on them, which will get your foot tapping and your head nodding, and you will be saying Damn these tunes are good!! Walking Through The Valley has a Southern Rock vibe to it, and is a brilliant song, fans of the Southern Rock genre will love this.

I seriously recommend that you check Cavina out, either on their Facebook page or on their website.

I would give Part Of You E.P. a 5 out of 5, this E.P. a must listen to and must have E.P. of 2017, as you will NOT be disappointed by it.

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