Gravestone: Proud To Be Dead Album Review.

Gravestone are a Death Metal band from Rome, Italy. The band consists of
Daniele Secco Biagiotti Vocals, Marco Borrani Guitar, Gabriele Maschietti Guitar, Maax Salvatori Bass, David Folchitto Drums and Fabrizio Di Carlantonio Keyboards.

Over the last year and a half, I have been listening to a lot of Death Metal from a lot of different countries, and majority of those bands that I have listened to have been really good. There is one country that has started to really make a name for itself in the Death Metal genre, is Italy. Gravestone is one of those bands that has been making a name for themselves since 1992.

I have listened to Proud To Be Dead album a couple of times now, and I must say that over the last 25 years that they have been in existence that they true mastered the genre, as they are amazing musicians.

There are 5 tracks on this album, they are Proud To Be Dead, Corpse Embodiment, Eyes Without Sight, Flagellation and Matres.

All of the tracks on Proud To Be Dead album are outstanding. On one maybe two tracks you can hear some of the band influences of the Prog Rock genre. On Flagellation, you can hear some amazing keyboards, which enhances the song.  Matres is a downright brilliant Death Metal track, as this song some awesome musicianship on it.

Gravestone has written a brilliant album, and I would highly recommend anyone to go and check them out on their Facebook page.

I would definitely give Gravestone’s Proud To Be Dead album a 5 out of 5 a brilliant album from an amazing band.

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