Glass Mind: Dodecaedro Album Review

Glass Mind is a Progressive, Instrumental, Metal band from Mexico City, Mexico. The band consists of Benjamín Berthier Guitar, Edgar Garduño Drums, Pablo Berthier Guitars, Michel Villamor Bass.

When I come to think of the Mexican Rock/Metal scene, I don’t really think of the place as a Progressive Rock/Metal stronghold, I have always thought of it as Rock/Metal type of place. Glass Mind has changed my perception on that front, as the band’s album Dodecaedro is a really good Instrumental Prog Metal album.

There is nine tracks on the album, four of them are fillers, and five are full blown tracks. Couple of the fillers I don’t care much about, they are just there to do a job, but the rest of the album is top quality. to the point that it might be one of the best Prog albums of the year.

I have listened the album four times now, and there is a couple of tracks that are the highlight of the album for me, they are Babel, Fu, Inside The Whale and the title track Dodecaedro. Babel is my favourite off the album, as it mixes different world music together, mainly Arabic, as it sounds  absolutely brilliant played on the electric guitar.

I will recommend people to go and check out Glass Mind, you can check them out on their Facebook page or on their website.

I would give Glass Mind and the album a 4.5 out of 5 at first I wasn’t to sure about it but after a while, I did really enjoy it.

Project Metal Music,

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