Scalpel: Methods to Delusion Album Review.

Scalpel are a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Boston, MA, USA. The band consists of Taylor Brennan Guitars/Vocals, Manny Egbert Guitars/Vocals, Matthew Bellows Bass and Chip Fay Drums.

Over the last few months, I have listened to a lot of Death Metal and all its sub genres, and what I have heard, the bands have raised their game, Scalpel is no exception. These guys are brilliant musicians and song writers. Some of their influences are Napalm Death, Death, Cannibal Corpse and many other bands. On the Methods To Delusion album I can here those influences. They have taken those influences and made it into their own sound.

Methods to Delusion has tracks, those track are brilliantly written, recorded and produced. The first 5 songs are The Cleaner, Labors Of Loathing, The Stink, Feeding The Worm and Interdelude, These tracks have some awesome guitars and drumming on them and the show off the talents of the band, except for track 5 which is a little filler for the second half of the album.

The second half of the album kicks of with the title track Methods To Delusion, The Woodsman (Part II), Brooding In The Gloom, Lung Butter and the last track Intensified Festering. The first half of the album was really good, but the second half will melt your brain. The tracks that stood out for me is the last 5 songs of the album, the 10 songs of the album are awesome, but it is the last 5 songs that stand out for me, as they pick their game even further.

Now that I have a taste of Scalpel, I want to hear more from them. I would highly recommend that you go check them out on their Facebook page or on their Website, if you are into the Death Metal or Grindcore genres of Metal.

I would give Scalpel and the Methods To Delusion album a 4.5 out of 5, for being really good band.

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