Baleful Creed: Seismic Shifter Album Review

Baleful Creed is a band from Northern Ireland. The band consists of Fin Finlay Vocals / Guitar, John Allen Guitar, Davy Greer Bass / Vocals and Dave Jeffers Drums.

Over the last few weeks, The Rock Casserole have been playing some of their tracks on the show and I have become somewhat of a fan of Baleful Creed. When The Rock Casserole announced that they were going to interview John Allen on the show, I was looking forward to it, as I could learn something of the band.

Anyways, after the the interview, was over, I got on talking to John via Facebook, and I asked if the band was up for PMM to review the album Seismic Shifter, and he agreed.

Now, after listening to some tracks on the The Rock Casserole and listening to the full album, I must say that I totally enjoyed it. Baleful Creed are a Heavy Rock band with some Blues Rock thrown in for good measure.

Seismic Shifter is well written album, Fin’s vocals are awesome, the guitars from John and Fin are brilliant as they have that gritty sound to them, the bass and drums from Davy and Dave are excellent, as they help drive the music along on the album.

I have to say that all the songs are brilliant on the album, but for me there are some tracks that stand out for me, there are Devil’s Side and The Wolf. The Wolf for me is good and heavy and I could listen to this track all day, as it has that grit and some awesome riffs on it.The Wolf reminds me a little bit of the early Black Sabbath in a way.

I highly recommend that you go and check Baleful Creed as they are a brilliant Heavy Rock band. For more information go to the Facebook page.

I would give Seismic Shifter a 5 out of 5 for being a downright brilliant band.

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One thought on “Baleful Creed: Seismic Shifter Album Review

  1. I totally agree with your review, this album is brilliant as is the first. So if you like this one check out the first. I agree that they have that Sabbath sound, they also remind me of Tantric… that being said they are also uniquely Baleful Creed! JOHN, FIN, DAVY, and DAVE!!! ROCK ON!!! I give the Album a SOLID 5 out of 5 stars myself.

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