5 Stories: The Last Song Video Review

5 Stories is a Hard Rock band from Jackson, TN, USA. The band members are: Mike Fuller – Vocals, Jacob Stokes – Guitar, Dustin Wood – Guitar, Chris Hornsby – Bass and Cory Ivy – Drums.

I have been following 5 Stories for nearly a year now and in that time I have become a firm fan of theirs. When I have heard that Psycho Sev3n Management/Entertainment were going to produce a video for The Last Song a few months back, I was over the moon, as I know that they were in very good hands, as the owner is part of The Cock and Crow Show.

I had a sneak peek at The Last Song  video, and I must say that the video is awesome. It is about a guy who loses his girlfriend as she walks out on him because of his drinking. One day he decides to sort him self out. He joins the AA and joins a band. The band has a gig, the guy was just to go on stage when his ex comes up and starts taking to him. As he was just about go on stage he asks her if she was going to stick around when he comes of stage.

5 Stories tells the guy’s story of how he got cleaned up and to the point of meeting his ex at the bar where his band was playing.

To see 5 Stories video to The Last Song is being Premiered at The Cock And Crow Show on the 27th of June, the show starts at 7:05pm CST on The Cock and Crow Show Facebook Page.

I have to say that after seeing the video a couple of times that 5 Stories have written an awesome song, Psycho Sev3n Management have produce an brilliant video to accompany the track.

I would definitely give the video a 5 out of 5 to all those who were involved in making this video.

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