Sarcasm: Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds Album Review

Sarcasm are from Slovenia and are an Old School Thrash Metal band, that has been around since 1987, the band consists of Aleš Blaznik – lead guitar, back vocals, founder, Aleš “Dime” Korošec – drums, member since 2008, Klemen Renko – guitar, member since first years, Vito Stričevič – bass, member since 2013, Grega Čadež – Vocals, member since 2016 (the band member list was taken from their Facebook page).

When I was first introduced to Thrash Metal back in 1980, I was introduced to it when I first heard Ace Of Spades album by Motorhead, and ever since then I have been a huge fan of the genre. Over the intervening years, I have listened to a lot of Thrash bands most notably the Big 4 and of course the god fathers Motorhead.

Sarcasm is one of the bands in recent months that I have come across that have peaked my interest even more so because my love of the Thrash Metal genre. Sarcasm is an awesome band, who over the last 30 years have developed their only take on the genre. The album Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds is a brilliant blend of Thrash and growl vocals.

The album is a stand out album, but there are some tracks that I like off it, such as Embodiment of Source, In The Grip of Awakening Times and A Black Veil for Earth. I do like A Black Veil for Earth as this blends acoustic guitars at the start of the song and the atmospheric and heaviness of the Thrash genre and the growls of the vocals. Plus I could hear the influences of Slayer in the guitars and Kreator and in the vocals.

This has to be one of the best Thrash Metal bands that has come out of Europe in the last 30 years.

I highly recommend that you check these guys out either on their Facebook page or on their website.

I would give Sarcasm and the album a definite 4.5 out of 5, for creating an awesome album. Plus I would to see these guys perform the album live sometime in the future.

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