Omnis: Accumulation Album Review

Omnis is a band that I had to listen to a few times before I could do this review. Omnis is a Progressive Death Metal band from Lake Forest, CA, USA, they mix in a Jazz, Classical and Ambient Rock. At first it confused me a little, but after I listened to them for a while, it dawned on me that they have created something that is good and appeal to a fair amount of people who want something more from the Death Metal genre.

The band consists of Ethan Baker – Guitar and Vocals, Kyle Salzman – Guitar, Dan Matthews – Bass and Adrian Phillip – Drums.

Like is said previously I had to listen to this a few times, the album is really good, as there is a good few tracks that stood out for me, they are Inanimate, this song blends Death Metal with Symphonic Metal & keyboards brilliantly. Another is Dehumanize, at first starts off as a chill out music and then bang Death Metal and this is awesome blend of styles. Apparition is the longest track off the Accumulation album at over 7 minutes long, and this an amazing track as it flows, twists and turns as it goes through a journey.

Well, the Accumulation album is really good and I can’t stress this enough that if you are into Death Metal or Progressive Death Metal go check Omnis out. And yes it did take me a couple of listens to the album to figure out if I liked the way the band was heading with the album and I am glad that I stuck with it, as I totally enjoyed the album.

I would definitely give this album a 4.5 out 5 as this is well worth a listen to.

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