Dean James And The Black Dogs: Pure Album Review

Dean James And The Black Dogs are playing a gig on June 17th 2017 and I thought I would a review of their debut album Pure before the gig.

For over the last 15 months I have been following Dean James And The Black Dogs, ever since I first came across them back in March of last year when they launched the album. I was at the album launch gig and I was so impressed by Dean and the band I bought the album there and then after the gig.

I have listened to the Pure album on and off ever since I got it, and each time I hear it it never ceases to amaze me that how much I enjoy the album, and how brilliant a singer and a songwriter Dean is. Each time I listen to Pure, I keep coming away with different things, which is brilliant.

The tracks of the album are:

1: Cole

2: Black Dog

3: Alive

4: Love You So Bad

5: Bad Day

6: Move On

7: I’m Thirsty

8: The Long Goodbye

9: Stay With Me

10: Can’t Breathe

11: So Cold

Out of all the tracks of this album, Pretty much all of them are stand songs, as they all are different, but one thing they do have, is that bluesy, southern rock type of vibe. some of the songs are dealing with some heavy subject matters like alcoholism or drug abuse, but the way Dean has written the tracks is that he is highlighting the problems.

After listen to this album again after a few months, I can safely say that this is awesome, and keeps getting better everytime I hear it.

I would highly recommend people to check out Dean James And The Black Dogs, you can get more information on their Facebook page, and you can download the Pure album here.

I would give Pure a 5 out of 5 for a brilliantly crafted album.

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