AMPÜTATOR: Deathcult Barbaric Hell

As I was going through my emails last night, I came across AMPÜTATOR who had sent me their album Deathcult Barbaric Hell, so I basically got the album and I thought OK, I’ll do a review of this album today. When I put the album on, I was whoa what the hell is this, I like this.

As I did a little research on the band, they are from Rhode Island/ Connecticut in the USA, and are a Death Metal band.

At first impressions were that this band is very aggressive and that reminds me of Cannibal Corpse. I really like this album and band. The album is well written and performed and the band are really good musicians.

On Deathcult Barbaric Hell there is brilliant guitars, which are screaming, the drums are pounding and the vocals of the singer are awesome. The stand out tracks on this album for me are 01 Rape Kill Annihilate, Massacre Bloodhate, Obliteration and Complete Butchery, these tracks are brutal in every way.

The whole album is a must listen to. If you are into Black Metal and would like to listen to a awesome album pick up a copy of AMPÜTATOR’s Deathcult Barbaric Hell album, you will not be disappointed in getting it.

I would give this album a 4.5 out of 5 just for the fact they are brutally awesome.

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