Moonlight Prophecy: Eternal Oblivion E.P. Review

Well, what can I say about Moonlight Prophecy, this is a brilliant band.

Moonlight Prophecy is a band from Philadelphia, PA, USA, and are a Metal, Progressive and Shred band. The band consists of Lawrence Wallace and Mika Mage. Wallace does most of the instruments if not all of them and Mage plays the Bass.

When I first put the Eternal Oblivion E.P. on, I wasn’t expecting what I heard, I knew I was going to hear something good, but I wasn’t expecting this 3 track masterpiece. The E.P. consists of 2 instrumentals and a track with vocals.

The first is Spellbound, and Spellbound is the precisely the right title for the song, the amount of shredding that is on this is totally mind blowing, and is absolutely brilliant.

Next song is the title track Eternal Oblivion and this is the only vocal track off the E.P. and it is like the first, jammed pack full of shredding and the vocals are brilliant, as both compliment each other really well.

The last track is Witch Hunt, this song is fast and heavy and it is bordering on Speed Metal (one of my favourite genres) this track has to be my favourite track off the Eternal Oblivion as it gets your blood pumping.

Eternal Oblivion is, overall an awesome E.P. and if you like Prog Metal and Shredding, I highly recommend that you go out and check out Moonlight Prophecy either on their website or on their Facebook page, you’ll not be disappointed.

I would give this E.P. a 5 out of 5 for being a shear Shed Fest

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