Waste Of Space: Busy E.P. Review

When I first came across Waste Of Space back in February of 2016, they were supporting PussyWillowFurryVenus, when they played Fitzgerald’s in Sunderland. At the time, they impressed me enough to find out more about them.

This 3 piece Punk band from Sunderland, are really good, as I have seen them live a few times over the last year or so. When I got the E.P. Busy, I was like, this is pretty good. This 4 track offering starts off with Do You Want To Be A Celebrity, this song is about some people wanting to become famous and get their 15 minutes of fame.

This Love is up next, and this about someone will do pretty much anything for their love of their life, as in the song, they will literally crawl over broken glass on hands and knees on a busy highway.

Up next is the title title track Busy, and this is a really good track as it is song about having no time to do what you want and you are busy working etc.

Hip Bones is the last track off the E.P. and by far my favourite song, as it has that edginess to it, the guitar work from Chris is on point, the drums from Thomas is brilliant and the bass work from Jack awesome, put all of this together and they have created a song that has a hit written all over it.

I would highly recommend that you go check them out on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

I would give Waste Of Space and their Busy E.P. a 4.5 out of 5 for being a brilliant trio.

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