Lascar: Absence Album Review Pt 2 (Depths)

As promised in my last review of Lascar the second part of Absence.

When I started to listen to the second part of Absence album which is the E.P. Depths which was released in 2015. Now this 3 track E.P. is over 30 minutes long.

The first song up is the title track Depths, this is one hell of a track, it has got everything that you want in an atmospheric black metal, it has the soaring guitars and the thunderous drumming and the vocals are top notch growls, Gabriel Hugo has done a brilliant job on this song.

Burial Caves is next and this is the longest track of Depths, as it tops out at 11:10. From the get go, it quite easily one of my favourite songs done by Lascar, as it is not quite in your face but it is at the same time, which I like.

The last track off Depths is Ocean Echoes. This song is more heavier that the last 2 tracks as they were more soaring, but Ocean Echoes is more fast paced in the drumming and guitars are more pronounced and more grittier.

After I have listen to Depths a good few times in the last few days, I must say that Lascar is absolutely brilliant, and I also would say that you should go and check Lascar out on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

I would give the Depths E.P. a 4.5 out of 5 for being an awesome 3 track E.P.

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