Lascar: Absence Album Review Pt 1

Lascar is a Black Metal band that consists of one guy, Gabriel Hugo and hails from Santiago, Chile. Lascar is a Post Black Metal, with an atmospheric overtone.

Now before I did a bit of research on Lascar, I didn’t know anything about the band so I just started to listen to the album. When I did I saw that it was a 7 track album, but when I look closer it was actually two E.P.s put together and thats when I did a bit of research. So I have decided to spit this in two. The first part will be Absence, the second part will be for Depths.

I started to listen to Absence, at first, I thought that Lascar was an acoustic rock group especially with the opening track, Atlas, but after a few minutes  the guitars it kicked in into a full blown black metal onslaught, which I totally loved.

Wilderness is up next. What surprised me the most with this track, is the infusion of Black Metal with acoustic elements, I thought it wasn’t going to work but it does, and Gabriel Hugo makes it work and he does it very well.

Regions Of Light follows on from the two previous tracks and is my favourite track out of the four songs off this album. What makes this song my favourite, is the drumming, it brings the whole song together.

Last Sea is the last track of the Absence album and by the gods what an absolute brilliant finisher, as this so epic in its soundscape, that it  took me on a journey that blow my mind.

Absence is one hell of an album, this has to be one of the best Death Metal albums that I have heard that has come out of South America and Gabriel Hugo is awesome and has brought out a a pure gem of an album.

I would highly recommend that you check out Lascar, you will not be disappointed.  You can find Lascar on Facebook and on Bandcamp.

I would give Lascar’s Absence album a 5 out of 5 for a truly outstanding album.

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