Snakecharmer, Rebecca Downes, Hivemind: O2 Academy Newcastle Gig Review

When I first started to follow Hivemind back in June of last year, funnily enough it was at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. And when they announced that they were supporting Snakecharmer on the 19th of May, I had to go see them again.


I was a little late in getting to the venue (which is not like me), but I got there in time for the start of Hivemind’s set and they were awesome as usual. After the first song that they did, I went to the front of the stage and started to take some photos of them, and after a few minutes one of the security staff came up to me and said You are not supposed to be doing that, as he thought I was taking video of the band, and I explained to him that I was taking photos but he wasn’t having it. And that put a dampener for the rest of the night for me, as I always take photos when I am at a gig.

Anyways back to Hivemind. As they were going through their set, I had a quick look around the room and there wasn’t that many in to see them. I learned years ago that sometimes you find that a support band are really good and Hivemind are that good. the songs that stood out for me was Velvet Thunder and Gods And Guns.

Rebecca Downes

Now, I haven’t heard Rebecca Downes before, and they are a Blues Rock band. I found that she was amazing from start to finish, and the band was really good as well. As they went through the set they did a cover of Take Another Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin, and Rebecca vocals were on point and her version was up there with the original.

As Rebecca was interacting with the crowd (there was a lot more now), the crowd was loving it. The songs that stood out for was the Janis Joplin song, Long Long Time and Believe as they up beat throughout the songs and I was finding myself liking the band with every song that they did.


Now, I have heard much about Snakecharmer, but I knew they had something to do with Whitesnake, but I was at the gig, the singer said that the bassist Neil Murray was with Whitesnake, and I thought Cool.

As I and the crowd were waiting for the band to come on stage, they had some technical issues with the sound and one of the mics which delayed the show somewhat.

As they went through the set they did some new material from the new album Second Skin, plus the also done some Whitesnake tracks such as Here I Go Again.

I was loving Snakecharmer and the rest of the bands that played the O2 Academy, but like I said earlier the only downer was the security. Now, when Snakecharmer was on stage, I was standing at the back of the room watching the band and I noticed people taking out their phones, and some were taking photos and some were actually taking videos of some of the songs and I was thinking that this was a double standard here. When I saw that someone brought out a tablet the same security guy pulled them, but not the people with the camera phones. Yes, I know what people are going to say that he was doing his job, but people, when they go to see a band(s), they are going to take photos and videos. My previous occasions that I have been to the O2 over the last year, I had no problems taking photos of the bands.

I would give Hivemind a 5 out of 5

I would give Rebecca Downes a 4.5 out of 5

I would give Snakecharmer a 5 out of  5

For anyone who likes Hard Rock and Blues Rock to go and check out any of these bands, you will not be disappointed.

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