Seraph Sin: God What Have I Done E.P. Review

I have said in previous blog posts that I have listened to a lot of music in over 40 years. and in that time I have come to be a fan of a lot genres of rock and metal. One of those genres of Metal that like is Industrial Metal, Seraph Sin is in that genre of Metal.

Now, I have listened to God What Have I Done E.P. a couple of times now, to get a sense of where Seraph Sin is coming from, and I am impressed with what they have come up with so far.

The music reminds me of Gravity Kills somewhat, from the mid 90’s, Especially when Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Surgical Meth Machine fame produce some of their early material.

The main song that stood out for me, is the title track, God What Have I Done, as it mixes electronic drums with some awesome metal guitars. The whole E.P. is brilliant and I could see this being played in a Rock/Metal bar or nightclub.

I also could hear on the E.P. a element of Cyber Goth/Punk, which is another sub genre of Rock and Metal that I love.

Anyways I would give Seraph Sin and the E.P. a 4.5 out of 5

If you like Industrial Metal you’ll love Seraph Sin, so I would recommend that you go out and check them out as you will not be disappointed.

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