The Suspect Device: The Guide Post Gig Review

When I heard of The Suspect Device last year, I was OK, I check these guys out. They were playing at The Wheatsheaf in Sunderland. From what I saw of them, they were really good, so I started to follow them. Over the last 10 months I have seen them 5 times and each time they bring something new to their show.

Last night, at The Guide Post, they were really good. They started off with the intro theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, then went straight into Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols. As they continued on with the first half of their set, they were doing Punk classics.As I was looking around in the venue, at first it didn’t seem to be that many people there, but over the course of the first half the set people were coming to watch the band.

When the first half of the set came to a close, I was thinking that The Suspect Device deserves the title of being the premier punk covers band of the North-East of England.

As the interval finished, and they came back on stage for the second half. I was totally loving this band. Meanwhile there was more people came in, and they were enjoying the band.

The second half people were up and dancing to the band and were properly getting into them. What surprised me, is that near the end of the set, they played Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, and I was taken aback by it as they they did a faster version of it, which sounded better, and with Guy Clarke doing the vocals for the song, I was like Whoa, I am liking this. When they were doing the last song of the night, they did The Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers.

As the band were packing up I went to speak to them and I asked them why did you throw in Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, and they said that it was added to the set list to add something new and different, and we sped it up to give it that punk feel to it. I had to say it was brilliant what they did with it and I really enjoy it.

Anyways, The Suspect Device is one hell of a band, and I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to see this band, go see them. For more information go to the Facebook page for gigs etc.

I would give The Suspect Device 5 out of 5 for being an awesome band.

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