Dead Earth Politics: The Mobius Hammersmith

Over the last 40 some odd years, as you can imagine, I have listened to a lot of music in that time. So when you come across a band like Dead Earth Politics, you are thinking, Where has this band been all my life.

When I started to play the album The Morbius Hammersmith, I thought that this is in the genre of old school Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. I was rubbing my hands together, as I am a huge fan of the genres. As I sat listening to the album, I was visualizing what they would be like on stage doing a live performance, I could imagine that they would put on one hell of a show with the guitars.

There is a couple of tracks that stood out for me one is the first song Runescarred, as it has the drums pounding away and the guitars are amazing, it has everything that a brilliant Metal track should have.

The Morbius Hammersmith is another track that stood out for me, like Runescarred, it has that something that gets under your skin and you start nodding your head. Broad Wings & Distant Shores is another song that blew me away with the shear power of the track.

I have listened to this album a good few times now and what can I say about this, other than this album is epic as hell. This album is well written and performed Dead Earth Politics, and If you love old school Hard Rock and Metal you should go out and buy this album.

I would give Dead Earth Politics a 4.5 out of 5 as this whole blew me away and I would love to see this band live one day here in the UK

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