Phase, PWFV, Firepuppets & Kahuna: O2 Academy, Newcastle Gig

When I heard that Phase was playing at the O2 Academy in Newcastle, I had to go and see them live, as I have been following them for a good 6 months now, also when they announced that they were supported by PussyWillowFurryVenus, Firepuppets and Kahuna, I was OK, you got me at Phase and PWFV, so I am going to go to the gig.

I have seen PWFV 10 times before and Kahuna once, but not Phase and Firepuppets. I wanted to see what Phase and the rest of the bands would bring to the table when they play live and they didn’t disappoint.


When I first saw Kahuna a few weeks back at the Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle, I wasn’t expecting that they were a Ska/Reggae band, and I walked out of the venue to talk to Lava Frog (who were on the same bill), but when they were announced that they were going to support Phase, I thought OK, I give these guys a second chance to impress me, and in a way they did.

The only thing that detracted from the band was the band member playing the trumpet. I am not taking away that the guy is talented musician, but throughout their set, the trumpet was somewhat overpowering, and it was distracting from the rest of the band.

All in all I found that this band was pretty good.


This band was one of the bands that I was interested in seeing. as I haven’t seen or heard of them before.

So when they came to start their set, I thought This should be good, and they were. Firepuppets are a 3 piece band, and they had a big sound that I was impressed me.

These guys did some covers of punk bands and they also done some originals songs. When they said that they were doing the last song of their set, I was like don’t stop I want to hear more from you guys, but sadly they had to stop for the next band to come on for their set.


No matter how many times I see this particular band, they don’t stop ceasing to amaze me. Just before they started, Steph announced that they were going straight into their set without a brief soundcheck, I was like What? Really? but knowing this band, they are so professional that they didn’t need one, they totally nailed it.

The first song they did was Sticky Vicky, I don’t know how to explain it, but the sheer energy that the band gave off by doing this song, and the crowd was in awe of them and when PWFV finished the track, the audience went nuts. As they went through there set, Myself and the crowd were getting more hyped for them and the band was feeding off that and getting more hyped themselves and it showed in their performance.

one of the highlights of their set was when, one of Slayer Dude’s cymbal’s fell over mid song and he tried to catch it and he did, and he tried to put it right, but it got caught on another. He tried to get the attention of one of the others to put it right, eventually Steph noticed and helped him out, by this time, Slayer Dude was in fits of laughter, and this resulted in messing up on the song that they were doing. But what can you do when performing live, this happens to the best of them at some point in their live performances.

The last track they did was Wisdom Of The Slave, by the gods of Rock and Metal, this is one hell of a song, The drumming of this track really gets into your soul and totally uplifts your spirit and takes it on a journey. Now the title of the song was inspired by a line from a book called Life Of An Opium Smoker.

As they finished their set, myself and the audience didn’t want them to end, but the old saying goes, All good things come to an end, but there is always the next gig.


Phase is one of the bands that I came to see, and I was properly hyped for this band, so was the crowd. As they prepared to start their set, Thanos announced that there was a band member short and they had to improvise somewhat, as they had to change who had to play bass guitar on certain tracks that they did. But this didn’t detract from a brilliant performance that they gave.

Over the course of their set I was getting more and more into this band and I could tell that the band were doing this for the pure joy of creating and performing their music in front of an appreciative audience.

Their set was really good, as they done the majority of original material and with a splattering of cover songs such as Tainted Love.

The cello player that accompanied Phase was brilliant, as she also played bass and keyboards, but near the end of the set, there was a technical problem with the sound, as she was play the sound kept cutting out but it was quickly fixed.

Phase is a band that I would go back and see again, and if you have a chance to see them, I would highly recommend you go and see them as they are mesmerizing.

I would give Kahuna a 4 out of 5.

I would give Firepuppets a 4 out of 5 these first 2 bands I need to see again.

I would give PWFV a 5 out of 5 they never cease to amaze me.

I would give Phase a 5 out of 5 I have heard them on Bandcamp and I thought they were good but they are even better live.

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