Dead Wet Things, Bleach & Fracas: Independent Gig

When I found out that Dead Wet Things were doing another gig at the Independent in Sunderland on Sunday (30/4/17) I thought OK, this band was brilliant the last two times that I saw them. So I decided to go down and see them again. This time they had support from Bleach and Fracas. I have seen Fracas before and they were really good, Bleach is a new band to me and I was wondering what they were like when I was waiting for the doors to open.

As normal I got to the venue early to see if I could get to see and hear the soundcheck, but when I was getting off the bus I could hear the hear the bands doing the soundcheck from halfway up the road, as I was walking down the road to the venue, I could hear them doing the soundcheck and I didn’t really need to get in the place see it, so I stood outside and just listened and from what I heard off it it was pretty good.



When I first saw Fracas, it was about a month back, when they supported Dead Wet Things, and I thought that these guys were pretty decent and worth checking out again, and when they were supporting DWT again, I thought OK, lets see if you have improved, and they had. They have become more tighter as a band, they had more energy and were more comfortable on stage and interacting with the audience, than the last time I saw them. I really enjoyed this band, as they did some songs from the last gig and also done a couple new tracks that they were only just finished writing/rehearsing the day before.


Now, Bleach is a new band on me, and I wasn’t quite sure about them, but when they started their set, this 2 piece band consisting of a drummer and guitarist/singer I thought were decent, but as they started, the guitarist was moving towards the mic to start singing, the amount of feedback from the guitar and mic was pretty bad, I don’t know if this was intentional or accident, but this was going throughout their set, but apart from the feedback, they were good and entertaining.

Dead Wet Things


Well, this is the 3rd time that I had seen Dead Wet Things. The last gig was funnily enough was at The Independent, but it was downstairs, this time it was up in the main room were most bands play. I was looking forward seeing this band again, as they have something, don’t know what it is, but its something good. The whole band is absolutely brilliant, Pablo is a brilliant singer and entertainer, Danny the guitarist is awesome, for such a young guy he is such a talent, Dom the drummer, well Dom puts me in the mind of Keith Moon of The Who with his energy, Adrian the bassist is excellent with Adrian and Dom as the backbone of the band they drive the songs on with their rocking beats.

When they started, they done songs that the audience loved, there were some songs that stood out for me, and they were Stella (it is about the alcoholic drink), Pocket, and a new song Baby Maker, Money Taker. They also done my favourite song Covered In Soot, which they just came alive and own the stage.


I cannot recommend this band highly enough. You need to go and check Dead Wet Things out on their Facebook page. If you get the chance to see them live, GO see them, you will not be disappointed.

I would give Fracas a 4.5 out of 5 for being a tight knit band, and a band to look out for in the future.

I would give Bleach  a 3.5 out of 5 don’t get me I do like them but if it wasn’t for the feedback it would of been higher

I would give Dead Wet Things a 5 out of 5 as they are constantly improving and impressing me each time I see them.

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