Lava Frog: Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle Gig Review

On the 21st of April I went to see Lava Frog up at Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle, after the guitarist of Lava Frog got in contact with me a week before, saying that they are playing there, so I jumped at the chance to see them, as it was June of last year when I last saw them live when they launched an E.P. and did a gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.

Now Jumpin’ Jacks is a place that I didn’t know existed until Lava Frog said they are playing there, so I couldn’t really find the place, until I texted the band to find out where exactly it was, and they said that it was opposed the Life Centre.

As I got to the place, the first band was playing and they were like a old school ska band from the late 70’s early 80’s, grew up on that style of music when I was a kid but it wasn’t my style of music as I not in to it. I am not taking away anything from the band being talented and the rest of the crowd seemed to enjoyed them.

The second that was on was more my style, they were doing some rock and some metal songs such as Guns N Roses etc, and the crowd were loving it and so was I. When the band were doing the set, the crowd were creating a mosh pit and I kept an eye on it to see if they followed the basic rules of it, as the average age of the pit was 17, they were respectful of each other and keeping an eye on each other, and it wasn’t to violent, there was just a bit of pushing etc but that’s normal for the pit.

Lava Frog was up next, and this was the band that went to see. Before I went to see them, I knew that around July of last year that Shaun the singer left the band, but when I was talking Mark the guitarist the week before the gig, he said that the drummer had left the band as well earlier this year. When I last saw Lava Frog last June, the band was really tight and were really good. So when the were ready to start the set, I was like OK you have two new members to the band so lets see what you got. when they started play, I am not taking anything away from Shaun or Dimitri but with the new singer and drummer they were even more tight, as the drumming and the singing was even better. As they went through their set some of the younger members of the crowd started to pay attention Lava Frog, and I noticed that they were (through their body language) enjoying them, as they finished the set and came off stage, I went outside for a smoke, and so did the band after they broke down their gear so the next band to come on, and when we outside talking some of the crowd came out and said to the band that they were brilliant.

When I went back inside to see the next band, I am not really into Ska, I do like some Ska songs, but this band reminded me of A Reel Big Fish that I saw 5 years ago, and I just walked out of that gig, and thats happened here heard a couple of songs and I just said no and I went back outside waited for the next bend to come on.

At the time I didn’t realize that the next band came on, as I was talking to some people, but I did go back inside and managed to see the most of the set and and from what I heard they were pretty decent.

As I was their to see Lava Frog, as I was their to see them to if the new drummer and singer were any good and they were and I would give them a 5 out of 5

I would highly recommend anybody to go and see Lava Frog as they are a damn good band.

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