Dakesis, Triaxis, Guilt City and Sin Theta: Trillians Gig Review

When I came across Dakesis in August of last year, when I reviewed their album A New Dawn, I was like these guys are good. When Dakesis announced that they were doing a few tour dates with Triaxis a few months ago, I thought I need to go and see this band. Anyways the day had arrived that Dakesis played Trillians in Newcastle.

Now I didn’t know what to expect from this gig, as I haven’t heard anything by Guilt City or of Sin Theta, and sometimes I do like to be surprised by a band(s). When I go to a gig, I usually do some research on the bands, but not this time.

The first band that was up was Sin Theta. Sin Theta are a Progressive Thrash Metal band from Newcastle, and I was pleasantly surprised by this band as I do like a bit of Thrash Metal. As they started their set and did their first song, I was thinking that this was going to be a great night for music as Sin Theta were amazing, the lead singer was interacting with the crowd and the crowd loved it. As they went on with the set, they did a cover version of Metallica’s Blackened, which they performed pretty well.

When they were nearly finished their set, they made a new fan as I really enjoyed them and I have liked their Facebook page, as they were riffing and shredding away, the singer was really good screamer and the drummer was good. Overall this band is awesome and I would go and see them again and I would recommend anyone to see these.

The next band up was Guilt City.

This band from Newcastle are an Alternative Metal outfit, usually the band has 4 members to it but due to other commitments one of them had to drop out of the gig, so the band decided to go on and perform, which got my thumbs up as as they could of said we’ll drop out of the gig as we have a man down, but they played on. As they  played their set at first I thought these were decent, but when they got to the 3rd song, I thought OK these are good.

The guitarist was technically good in the guitar that he was shredding away with the best of them. and the bassist was really good and he impressed me on the last song they did when he change his bass, the bass was was so heavy that it rattled my fillings. This band has also made a new fan as well and I would tell anyone to go see Guilt City if they get a chance. Go check out their Facebook page for info.

The 3rd Band that played is Triaxis

Triaxis is a 5 piece band from the south west of  England, and is led by Angel Wolf-Black. Triaxis are a Metal band with a touch of Prog and symphonic thrown in for good measure.

When I heard that Triaxis was touring with Dakesis I was like OK, I’ll check this band out. So I checked out some videos by them and they were awesome, so when they played at Trillians I was really looking forward to seeing them.

When they came on stage I was like oh this is going to good and it was. When they were doing their set I could hear in some of the songs that they had elements of Symphonic Metal in the arrangements, and I could see the crowd rocking out to the band, so was I.

I was totally mesmerized by the band that when I got home, I went to their Facebook page and liked them, as they rocked. If you get the chance to this band go see them, I highly recommend them.

The final band of the night, Dakesis, this is the band that I initially came to see.

Dakesis is a Prog Power Metal band from Birmingham. When I reviewed their The New Dawn album and raved about it as it was that good, but when it was performed live, It was even better. With Matt on guitar, Amie on bass, Gemma on vocals and Adam on drums, Dakesis is a formidable band as they totally rocked the bar.

Matt’s guitar was amazing as he shredded his way through the set, Amie was playing a 6 string bass was awesome to see, Gemma’s vocals were spot on and Adam’s drumming was brilliant. As they did majority of the songs from The New Dawn album they threw in some of their older songs into the mix which was awesome as I haven’t heard all of their older tracks.

When they were coming to the end of the show Gemma said that the last song that they will be playing was a 13 minute track, and it was awesome I was rocking out to it and so was the crowd. If you like Prog Power Metal and you get the chance to see Dakesis, go see them, you will not be disappointed in the slightest. for more information go check out their Facebook page.

I would give Sin Theta a 4 out of 5 if you like Thrash Metal you’ll like this band.

I would give Guilt City a 4 out of 5 for being talented young musicians.

I would give Triaxis a 5 out of 5 for totally blowing my mind, these guys are awesome.

I would give Dakesis a 5 out of 5 for being amazing band

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