Filthy Rebel: EP review

As promised in my Vices of Vanity single release party post, here my review of Filthy Rebel’s CD.

The song consists of 5 songs:

Get Some (Hey): The song they open their performances with. It starts with a great guitar riff before drum and bass set in and a loud HEY comes through the speakers. It has a slow headbang groove as well as a dance rhythm. Johnny, Jeff  and Chris really bring it and this is a great opener for the CD promising more, actually feeding the craving of anticipation. The complete band yelling “Hey” and trying to get the crowd to do the same would be great in an outsold arena. This is heavy rock and needs to be played loud.

We Don’t Belong: I call this one the single, since it’s the one they have a video for (see bottom) and this one has been regularly playing on my mp3 player. Watch the video, it has a pop feel but still sounds heavy. Kind of like the rock bands you hear on radio (Asia, Journey, Speedwagon). To me, this is hit single material and I cannot believe no radio stations have picked this band up yet. 

Try: A slow drum beat, a bit hypnotizing, then Chris pulls his plectrum along the guitar strings slowly and Jeff begins his chant. Bass and drums define this bluesy, slower beat which makes your head bob and your foot tap. A bit spacey actually, if you like bands like Pink Floyd this song is sure to be your fav on the EP.

You: The ballad of the album. Jeff wrote this from his own experience and you can feel the emotion in the song. This is actually my favorite on the CD, it has power and emotion that makes a chill run down your spine.

What You Made of Me: The last song starts with guitar and then the drum beat sets in. The tempo picked up on this one, Johnny’s bass sets in and Jeff screams a loud long lasting Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh. The song changes back and forth between a slower tempo and a faster beat once the chorus sets in. On live sets, this is the one where Johnny really works the bass on stage and it is filthy rock at it’s best. A worthy song to complete the CD that makes you sad once it’s over.

This is one of the best CDs I have heard in a while. Grab the CD at their show if you ever see them live. Or you can order or download it on their site. This CD should be played on any rock station as well as any mainstream radio station. I want a full album, get these guys back in the recording studio someone. From me 5 of 5.

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