Vices of Vanity Single Release Show @ Sweetwater Bar and Grill

April 15, 2017 – Duluth, GA – Sweetwater Bar and Grill

I don’t get out much these days since my work schedule now includes Saturdays, but the fact that my buddies of Filthy Rebel had me on the guest list (thanks guys) for their gig at my favorite venue Sweetwater Bar and Grill made participation a must.

Since I just reviewed their gig at The Highlander 6 weeks ago, I will not further comment on their performance today besides the fact that it was sensational as always. They blew it! They blew the speakers. A short in the PA system caused guitar and bass to fail, but being the professionals they are, this was quickly resolved and I honestly didn’t really notice (no, I had not had that many beers yet). Johnny was away on business, so they had a different bass player, but all rehearsals paid off and the instruments were in unison while Jeff blasted his songs in the mic in the same professional manner as always. They played 6 songs and you can watch the live performance of “We Don’t Belong” in the Project Metal Music Facebook group. Chris gave me a copy of their CD, which I will be reviewing shortly.

I deliberately arrived late since the first three bands did not seem to fit my musical taste (that, and work), these were Treehive, The Last Chance Riders and Bast. From what I heard Treehive was an acoustic reggae band that didn’t really fit on the bill, but boy, was I mistaken about Bast. I arrived right before they took the stage and they rocked the house.

Bast is an Atlanta based alternative rock band (not to be confused with the British death metal band of the same name) consisting of Vanessa Izabella on guitar and vocals, Hugh Ellis on bass and Ameenah Kaplan on drums. They have been around since October 2013 and their single “Elephant” is in regular rotation on 99x. All three were great on stage, be it Vanessa’s rockin’ voice and awesome guitar playing skills, Ameenah’s energetic drum playing or Hugh’s magnificent bass thumping. Definitely a band I need to see again. Take a look.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter @musicofbast and their homepage.

After Bast, Filthy Rebel took the stage and then it was time for the main band, Vices of Vanity. The band consists of Lynnay Della Luce on vocals/guitar, Amy Epperley on vocals/bass and Hunter Cook on drums. They started with a cover version of “Sweet Dreams” from the Eurythmics (and please don’t ask me why I recorded the videos so shitty this time, I think I got confused with FB live lol).

Followed by a song about bad boys.

Two more songs and some praise about women of rock and next up was a drinking song. Amy on bass reminded me of Gene Simmons on stage.

Finally, the new single “Loud” which was my favorite tune of the evening. It has that punk sound I so love (back to my roots).

The band interacts a lot with the crowd and I loved the guitars on this next tune.

For the last song, a cover of “Zombie” from The Cranberries, the band asked everyone to come upfront.

The audience requested an encore and someone yelled ‘take your shirt off’ so the drummer did. Nice move. The encore was Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” (Sinner has a great cover of this song btw) followed by another encore of Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” (minus the Randy Rhoads solo). It was a great show and I look forward to seeing this band again.

You can find Vices of Vanity on Facebook and Twitter @Vices_of_Vanity as well as ReverbNation and their homepage.

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