Idlewar: Impulse Album Review

Ever since I first heard of Idlewar back in September of last year, I first heard of them on The Cock And Crow Show on Facebook when they played some of their music, but when they had James (bassist/singer) on to do an interview, he was saying that they were releasing the Impulse album and they were going to do an 8 date tour of the UK in November with Stone Broken.

Idlewar are:

James Blake (Vocals, Bass)
Peter Pagonis (Drums)
Rick Graham (Guitar)

When I was listening to the show, I thought to myself I had to go and see them. The day came for the gig and I went to see them at The Cluny, and I did buy the Dig It EP and the Impulse album at the venue, as I was leaving the gig (I had to leave early to get home), I was talking to Idlewar for a good 15 minutes, and they signed the 2 CDs that I bought, and they were awesome as they were kind enough to pose and take some pictures with me.

For the last few months, since I had the Impulse album, I have been listening to it, and in that time I have come to the conclusion that Idlewar have come up with an amazing piece of art.

Stone In My Heel is a brilliant opener for me, as Idlewar brought some gritty awesome guitars from Rick and a brilliant rhythm section from James (Bass) and Peter (Drums). Soul follows on from Stone In My Heel, with the amazing music.

Criminal is up next, this track has some amazing drums from Peter and rick’s guitars are sublime as they really set the tone of the song, with James’ vocals and bass playing is absolutely brilliant. All That I Got is the 4th track and is a slow melodic song with some good distorted guitars from the outset of the song, when the drums and bass kick in fully, it felt that my ears were going to bleed, as it was very thunderous indeed, you will love this track for this.

Innocent is on of the stand out tracks off the Impulse album and as it well written and performed and it is a track that I can see being a firm favourite of Idlewar’ fans, as it has that get up and go attitude to the song. Glory is one of those tracks that you could quite happily play either in the car or at home, as this will chill you out and get you nodding your head.

Apathy is a song that blends guitar, bass and drums exceptionally well and with James singing, if this was playing in a rock bar or club, this song will not be out of place in such company as Maiden or Motorhead. Damage is up next and this song has got a blues vibe to it, harking back to the 60’s and has some influence from Led Zeppelin and such like bands of that era.

Burn All This is another stand out track, as it has some amazing drums, brilliant bass line and some wicked guitars from Rick. James’ vocals on Burn All This is perfect. On Our Knees is the last track off the album and is probably one of the best tracks off the album, as it has that something that could get you going at a Rock Bar/Club, I think with how Rick plays his guitar and how the rhythm section play off each other that this song will be a classic song in the future.

As I have listened to this album a good few times, ever since I got it back in November of last year, I have practically worn it out, as it is that good. If you have a chance to go and see Idlewar, go and see them, you will not be disappointed as this band is awesome.

I would give Impulse album a 5 out of 5 as this album is perfect and the band is awesome live.

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