Witch Charmer/Ashes Of Iron/Dirty King: The Borough, Sunderland Gig Review

When I heard, last year, that Len (Bassist) and Dave (Drummer) from PWFV were playing in another band, that band is called Witch Charmer, I thought Oh cool, at some point I’ve gotta check this band out, but it is has only been now that I have managed to get to see them for the first time tonight.

As I usually do, I got down to The Borough early to try and get to listen to the soundcheck, and from what I have heard from it was good, plus what I saw that Witch Charmer was joking about with each other, but they had that seriousness about them that they wanted to trying to get that perfect sound and I could tell that they wanted to put on a really good show for the crowd that was expected to be there.

As I haven’t seen or really heard anything from Witch Charmer, Ashes Of Iron and Dirty King, and I was really looking forward to seeing these bands.

Dirty King

With Dirty King being up first, and are a 5 piece band and I thought, OK, show me what you got, and they didn’t disappoint in anyway. As they went through there set, they were doing some amazing songs and they were enjoying themselves on stage and that came across to the crowd and they were loving it.


As they got to the 4th or 5th song they singer announced that the usual drummer was ill and they had to find a replacement drummer and a drummer from another band stepped in to helped out, but what impressed me the most, was that he stepped in on Thursday and only had a couple of days to learn the songs, and last night was the first ever time that Dirty King and the drummer played together. sunp0105

The stand out song that stood out for me was the song Devil On My Side, as this was totally riff ladened and the singer was headbanging away. As the set was coming to a close they were getting better and better, and by the end, the crowd  was loving them, and the band was loving their time up on stage. These guys put on an amazing show. I would highly recommend them to anyone to go and see them.

Ashes Of Iron

As Ashes Of Iron were setting up more and more people were coming in. Ashes Of Iron are another 5 piece band. As AOI were going through the set I came to the conclusion that these musicians work well together and have a good stage presence as they were interacting with the crowd and they were enjoying their time on stage.  sunp0123sunp0128

When they were going through their songs they were really good as the guitarists were shredding away and the drummer was intense as hell as he was going hell for leather on the skins. The singer is a really awesome, As he show us that he has somewhat perfected his talent.

Ashes Of Iron is another band that I would highly recommend to anyone to go and see as they are really good.

Witch Charmer

This is the band that I came to see. As I have heard a lot of good things about the band prior to seeing them last night. Now, I am used to seeing Len playing bass and Dave on drums when they are in PWFV, in Witch Charmer both do vocals, and in this band Len plays guitar instead of bass. sunp0144

With Witch Charmer being female fronted, I was really looking forward to seeing this Doom/Stoner Rock band. Over the last year I kept hearing about Witch Charmer and how good they were, and last night was the first chance I got to see them and they were better than everyone was saying. sunp0146

They started off the set with B.T.W. which was a good opener, and they powered on to the next track which was Sky, Dave was really good on the drums and doing vocals, plus this has reaffirmed to me that this guy is a true talent were he can do vocals whilst drumming. Suffer was up next this was a track that was more up tempo than the previous two tracks, and this song was really good. Well this next track was the highlight of the of the set, that was Burning, and this song made me think, Where has this band been all my life, as the song was awesome, as the band combined brilliant vocals with excellent guitar riffs with some seriously brutal drums and bass.  sunp0147sunp0140

Stoney Eyes was up next, this was more of aStoner Rock with a hint of Doom than the previous songs but it was still really good to listen to. When they announced that they were doing a new track I thought, OK, the song was Felon, this was damn good as it had a lot of heavy guitars and the crowd was loving it. Well, it was that time, it was the last song of the night, which was Wolves, the intro was epic especially when Len started and then the drums kicked in and it was like that when the whole band joined in, the overall song was awesome, as it continued throughout the song until the end. And that was it the end of the gig.

Well overall this was one of the best gigs that I went to this year, and if anyone has the chance to see any of these bands you should jump at the chance to see them.

I would give Dirty King a 4.5 out of 5

I would give Ashes Of Iron a 4.5 out 5

I would give Witch Charmer a 5 out of 5

I would go and see all these bands again as they are all awesome.

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