Hivemind: Bavaria Sunderland Gig Review

When I first saw Hivemind It was under their previous name of Masamune, back in June of 2016 and I never heard of them before until I saw them when they support Lava Frog on their EP launch. Back then they impressed me enough for me to follow them and to see how they improve with Lauren as the new singer.

sunp0009Last night, was my 4th time in seeing them. When I got to the venue, Bavaria, it is a bar and it also serves food, the staff are friendly and the drinks are reasonable. I got to Bavaria just before 8pm

Hivemind started around 20:50pm and they said that they were going to run through the album that they did and they were going to do a two set. They started off with the song Weapon, and followed by Test Dream which were really good. sunp0007

JJE was up next closely followed by Ocean which was on a slow side, and Ocean a working title. Gods And Guns was next and this is my favourite track by Hivemind, if you haven’t checked out the video to Gods And Guns see it below.

The last song of the first part of the set Velvet Thunder which was pretty good. This was when they said that they were going to take a 15 minute break and then come back for the second half. My first thoughts of the band at this point was that they were awesome, they have really gelled since I last saw them at The Legacy back in January and from the first time saw them at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. Lauren the vocalist has improved so much since she became the singer of Hivemind last year.

sunp0008                                                         sunp0006

A close friend of the band B-Type joined the band on stage to kick off the second part of the set and did a song with them which they wrote together a few years back the track that they did was Sweet 16. As Lauren was handed the mic back to continue the 2nd half of the set, they started off with Wicked Games, which is Lauren’s favourite track to play live. As they went through the set list I noticed that there wasn’t many people there but there was still a good 20 people there. sunp0042

As they power through their set list, Riot Envy, H.O.M. and Blindfold were up and they were really good to watch live. The last song of the set was Hope and it was a popular track that some of the crowd really getting into it and they were dancing and getting really into the band.

Everytime that I see Hivemind they impress me even more as they keep getting better and better each time I see them. If you get the chance to see them, I would highly recommend them.

I would give them a 5 out of 5

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