Dead Wet Things: The Legacy Rock Bar, Sunderland Gig Review

When I got an invite from Steph Mac the singer of PWFV, to come down and see Dead Wet Things on Friday, I was umming and ahing about going down to see the as I had two gigs already planned, but I thought, sod it I’ll go down and to see what they were like, and I am glad that I did.


As I was leaving to go down to The Legacy, it was raining heavily and I was thinking that there is hardly anyone going to turn up to the gig as it was a cold wet Friday night, but as I got to the venue there was hardly anyone there, but it was early. As the band was setting up there were people turning up slowly but surely, and as Dead Wet Things were going through their soundcheck all of a sudden people were coming in and there was a good 30 – 40 people there and that was just for the soundcheck.

When they finished their set up and took a little break before they started the set, I was thinking these 4 young lads were going to be good from what I heard of the soundcheck, and I was waiting for them to start someone asked them if they were going to do covers songs or original, and they said No, we are going to do all original tracks, and when I heard that, I thought that this was going to be a brilliant gig. Plus this was only their 4th gig that they played at The Legacy.


As they started their first song they were going greats guns until they were near the end of it, thats when there was a problem with the sound, now I don’t if it was a power problem or something went wrong with the mixing desk, but the mic and bass cut out, luckily it was quickly fixed and the band was back in full swing. After another quick soundcheck, they dove straight into their set.

This band did a couple of genres of rock, going from old school punk to Indie to Grunge, which I take it that the band as a whole were influenced by before they started the band. As they were getting really going, they were getting more into the gig and they were getting more lively and were feeding off the crowd, and were interacting with the crowd which is good to see from a young band.

There was one song that stood out for me and that was Pockets which was really good, and this was when I really took notice of the drummer, as he was so hyped that the rest of the band took that energy that he was giving off and they used it and all of them gave an amazing show.


Over the course of the show, some of the lyrics that I was hearing were some what offensive, but when they were doing there own original Old School Punk songs that is what you would expect from that type of songs. After a few more songs it was time for them to finish there set, but the crowd wanted more, so they obliged by doing the first song they did, and the crowd loved it.

Being a young band, Dead Wet Things are a band to watch in the future.

I would give Dead Wet Things a 4.5 out of 5 as these guys impressed me enough to want to see them again and to see if they will improve, so roll their next gig.

If you get the chance to see to this band, go and see them.

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