Interview with Eminent Kaos

February 9, 2017 – With Eminent Kaos changing vocalists, I thought it was time for some questions. Mikey Rev took some time out of his busy schedule to answer these for our readers:

PMM: Unfortunately, Sadistic, your vocalist had to leave the band due to a work related issue. Tell me about the tryouts for his replacement and the new vocalist, Justin.

Rev: We had several people try out that showed the drive to be here, but they weren’t ready. Then, Omallie’s friend hooked us up with Justin and he fit.

PMM: I also noticed the position on bass changed. What happened and where did Caleb come from so quick?

Rev: Caleb is a long time friend, has been in music in the Atlanta area off and on for a long time. We had to come to a amicable parting of ways with Platnick because of personal differences

PMM: You guys were in the studio a few months ago. Will there be an Eminent Kaos CD soon?

Rev: We had a bad experiance in the studio, it was really just not good from the start to the end. But we learned a
valuable lesson and yes, we are working hard and soon will have a CD release near future.

PMM: The gig in Marietta was with Afton Entertainment. After the complaints over The Vinyl gig, I was surprised you booked with them again.

Rev: Being a new and unknown band in the Atlanta area it’s very hard to book without someone behind you, so we just kind of rode Afton to get shows.

PMM: Tell us who does most of the songwriting for the band or is it more a group procedure?

Rev: Honestly Crux and myself write most of the music, but with the new guys I think it will be more of a group procedure.

PMM: And who came up with the name and the logo?

Rev: That was Sadistic and myself.

PMM: So, what does the future for Eminent Kaos look like with the new lineup in place?

Rev: The future is bright. We plan on coming back harder and louder then ever. We have been rejuvinated by these turn of events and are in no way discouraged.

PMM: Oh, and one last question, how come the image change of Damien Crux? The mask was kind of cool.

Rev: Honestly, Dan liked the image, but I think when he got under the lights at The Vinyl he realized it’s not very comfortable and he likes being unmasked.

Thanks Mikey Rev for taking the time, I am sure the readers appreciate it and we are curious to see what you guys bring in 2017.

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