The Suspect Device: The Guide Post Gig Review

Over the last 6 months or so, I have been following The Suspect Device ever since I first saw them at The Wheatsheaf in Sunderland back in July of 2016. Since then I have seen these guys in total 4 times. Prior to seeing The Suspect Device was last week when the played at the Legacy in Sunderland, but I didn’t really watch the band (I was listening to them) as I was talking to a lead singer of another band who was at the gig.

As The Guide Post is my local bar, and The Suspect Device have played here before and when they did there was a young woman came in and made spectacle of herself and was booted out because she brought in her own bottle of Gin.sunp0272

The gig started at 9:15pm and they kicked it off by doing Pretty Vacant, and went on through a lot of Punk classics in the first hour of the show, and through this set people were coming up to me and saying that The Suspect Device are awesome, they are good, and I like these etc. The crowd at the gig was a lot bigger than the last time they played at The Guide Post and at the half way point of the first hour, people were getting up and rocking out.


When the band took a small break after an hour of playing some awesome Punk songs. I was talking to some people during the break and they were saying that the band are really good and that, if they get a chance they would go and see them again, and one or two people have said that they never have been into Punk until they saw The Suspect Device. sunp0239

The break was over and the band started the second half, the crowd was more energetic as more of them were up dancing. As the night wore on, some of the crowd started to drift away, as they were going to get the last bus home. But there was still a lot of people there really enjoying the band and even one or two sunp0255people of the audience were participating in singing the songs as they were getting up on stage and grabbing the mic and singing.

As the set was coming to a close the band was were laughing and carrying on with the the crowd and and encouraging then to dance and participate, and the audience loved it. sunp0268

This has to be one of the best gigs I have been to see at The Guide Post in recent months. The Suspect Device is a band that is fast becoming a firm favourite there.

When the band finished, they took a good fifteen minutes out before the started to pack up their gear and spoke to the fans and some of the people who haven’t seen them before were going up to them and saying that they were fans and got photos taken with them.

If you are in the north east of England and you have the chance to go and see The Suspect Device, I highly recommend that you go and see these guys. to keep up to date on gigs that they are doing go to their Facebook page for dates when they are playing next.

I would give this gig a 5 out of 5, as this was one of favorite gigs at my local bar, done by one of best Punk bands that I have seen in years.

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