Romeo’s Pistol: Greens Gig Review

When I saw Romeo’s Pistol was playing the Greens bar in the centre of Sunderland on Facebook, I thought, OK I have seen this trio before at The Guide Post in Ryhope ans I thought that they were pretty decent when I first saw them, and I was wanting to go see them again to see if they have improved.

As I got to the Greens in the city centre at 8:30pm, the venue was busy but not as busy as I expected for a city centre bar, around 9pm, the drummer and the guitarist/singer spotted me and they came across and said Are you the guys who was at The Guide Post who done a review for us, and  but as the night wore on and it got to 9:30 the place was started to fill up and thats when the band started.

Romeo’s Pistol started of with The Undertones’ classic Teenage Kicks, followed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ By The Way and The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love, with these starting of the first half of the set, for those of the crowd who didn’t know the band was started to take notice. The band started to go through some awesome tracks from Stevie Wonder’ Superstition to Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves.

As the night went on, more people were coming in and were watching Romeo’s Pistol, and from what I saw, the people were loving them. As the band finish the first half of the set, they finished with an Oasis track. As they took a 20 minute break, there were even more people coming in.

When they got back on stage, they started with another Oasis song. They were going through more classic tracks from the 50s all the way through to the early 2000s. They did such bands as The Beatles, Abba and The Human League. The song that stood out for me was The Human League’s Don’t You Love Me Baby, as the guitars had some sweet distortion which made the song much better than the original.

As kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, my mother used to play rock n roll from the 50s and 60s, and when I saw Romeo’s Pistol last, they played Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, the guitarist said that the song came out in the 60s, at the time thought that was wrong, so I asked my mother about it as she was there in the 50s as a teenager, and she said that it came out in about ’57 or ’58, and when I checked online for the time of release it was 58, and just before they started the song the Singer/Guitarist looked over and nodded to me saying that he got it wrong and he said that it was in the 50s when the song came out. When the band was doing the track, they did a really good job of the song.

By around 11pm a lot of people where in Greens and quite a few of them were watching the band, and some of those were in front of the stage and were dancing to the songs that Romeo’s Pistol were doing. When 11:30 pm came the band covered a lot classic songs from such bands as James and U2. Unfortunately I had to leave to get my last bus home, and I missed the last part of the show, which I would loved to have stayed to the end. But I really had a fun time seeing Romeo’s Pistol again. and I am hoping to see them again next month.

Yes Romeo’s Pistol might be a covers band, but they are pretty good at what they do, now that I have seen them twice now, I would go as far and say that they are awesome. If you get the chance to go and see them, I would highly recommend that you go and see them, as you would have a good time watching them play live.

At the beginning of this review I said that I wanted to see if they have improved, and indeed they had they were much tighter, and they were more comfortable with interacting with the crowd.

I would give Romeo’s Pistol a solid 4.5 out of 5, the reason is that they are brilliant, but I would like to hear some original material from the band and to see what they can come up with.

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