Idlewar: Dig In EP

Over the last few months I have been listening to a lot of radio and podcast shows and one of them is The Cock And Crow Show on Facebook. The show shines the light on Unsigned and Independent Rock and Metal bands. Anyways, one week, they did a live interview with James, the lead singer and bassist for Idlewar, they had played a couple of songs on the show before the interview, and the band sounded awesome. The show were shining a light on the band and James was on telling the listeners the history of the band, tour dates etc. When James said that the band was going to play the UK with Stone Broken in November, I was like yes, where are they playing, so I checked where they were playing, whilst listening to the show, and when I found out that they were playing The Cluny in Newcastle, UK, I messaged the show saying I’ll see the band there.

When the day came, I got to the venue and watched the band play live, and they were amazing, so I went to the Merch table and bought a T-Shirt and their full album prior to their performance. When I came away from the gig I has I had to leave early to get home as I lived over hour away, but before I came away I bought the Dig In EP and James was sitting at the Merch table and saw me buy it. As I was leaving the band collared me, saying that James came out of the room all excited saying that some guy bought the EP (I was in the toilet when this was going on), and when they started to talk to me, I explained that I first heard them on The Cock and Crow Show, when James was being interviewed, as we got on talking they thanked me for coming to see them and buying their merchandise, and they graciously signed the CDs and they took some photos with me.


So here is the review of Dig In, their first CD. Dig In is a 5 track EP, that has Feel the Pain on it.

The first track off the EP is Chunk Of Me, this track is brilliant, as James’ bass and  vocals on this song is sublime and with Peter’s drumming and Rick’s guitar work is amazing. This song is really good hard rock track with some Blues undertones to it.  Out Of My Head is up next, like Chunk Of Me, it has that hard  rock edge to it, it has a blistering solo from Rick, and James’ vocals are really good.

Eleventeen is the third track of this EP. This track has some sweet slightly dirty guitar vibe from Rick which gives the sound of the song a edginess to it that will get any rocker intrigued. Feel The Pain is next and my favourite off the EP, as this was the first track that I ever heard of Idlewar. The bass line that James plays on this track is brutal in many ways as it goes well with the subject matter and Rick’s guitars compliments its and the drums ties it all up into one hell of a song that will get inside your head and make you think Hell Yeah.

Stronger is the last song on the EP. On this I can hear some Bon Scott influence in James’ vocal and a little bit of Angus Young on the guitar. I could quite happily play this to any AC/DC fan and they would love it, almost as much as I do.

Overall I totally enjoyed this EP. if you get a chance go out and by it. If they play near you I would highly recommend that you go and see them, you will NOT be disappointed.

I would give this Dig In a 5 out of 5, this EP is brutal and raw in a good way.

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6 thoughts on “Idlewar: Dig In EP

  1. Very well written it was a pleasure to see them in Southern Cal…. Before they come over to visit you in the UK… Really happy that you enjoyed the show have a great New Year will see you Sunday……


  2. It’s our pleasure to have you as a viewer every week Ell..thank you for the kind words and hope this new year brings bigger, more exciting things for The Cock and Crow Show ! !


  3. My name is Mikey and I play in the band House of None. We are a 4 piece from California and we are very influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. We’d love for you to hear our new single “In The Dark” and if you like it, we’d love for you to give it a share and or a review! Please let us know what you think, thanks!

    P.s. We were referred to you by our friends in Idlewar, a band you recently played/reviewed not too long ago.


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