Awakening Hyperia: Imbalance E.P. Review

Awakening Hyperia are a band from Bristol, UK, and they are a four piece metal band. The band members are James Chakraverty – Vocals/Guitar, Barney Forrester – Vocals/Bass, Morty Forrester – Guitar, Kiran Schroeder – Drums

On the 26th of December I was approached by Awakening Hyperia on Twitter, to do a review of their E.P. Imbalanced which is due for release on the 8th of January 2017.

Over the last few days I have been listen to this E.P. it is for a lack of a better word good.

This 6 track E.P. starts off with 39 second intro and title track it is called Imbalanced. This song sets up Mirrors really well as it has some awesome guitars and drumming. Mirrors follows on from Imbalance with the guitars, but it also has some brilliant vocals from James on this track.

Breathe is up next. This E.P. keeps getting better and better with each song. What I’ll like about this track is this drums, and Kiran plays the drums perfectly, and with the rest of the band playing really well, and this track is going on my personal playlist.

Free Fall is another track that Kiran shines on, with that said, with Kiran’s playing it brings out the rest of the bands awesomeness. Around 3 minute 25 there is a sweet guitar solo that you should not miss.

Now this next track was called Faithless, but I dot a message from Awakening Hyperia the other day, saying that they changed its name to Perception Of Me, but it have a change of name but it still rocks hard, with some brilliant guitar and work and will melt your face off.

Watch & Wait is the last track off the E.P. Well this song is pretty epic in the overall sound. Awakening Hyperia have crafted an awesome sound on this song that will appeal to a lot of metalheads out there, it has that brutality in the guitars and on the drums.

Well I have done a review of Awakening Hyperia music earlier on in the year and back then I thought they were good, but now that I have listened to their new offering of Imbalanced, I think they have improved a great deal.

I would give the Imbalanced E.P. a 4.5 out of 5. these guys have written a pretty awesome E.P. so check the out at their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information on the band.

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