Sanctified Revival / New Mantra – Suwanee, GA gig

December 3, 2016 –  Suwanee, GA – Wild Wing Cafe

Finally, a New Mantra gig. Support is Sanctified Revival, whom I had never heard of before, although according to Harley Dills, their vocalist, they have been playing in this line up for around two years. I listened to them online the day before, very nice southern rock, kind of .38 Special-ish. Very excited to see them.

Of course I got there late (again), but this time I just had trouble finding the place, it was dark and raining. No idea how many songs I missed, but when I got there, they were playing a slow, bluesy rock tune about “Winners and Losers”.

Me and venues don’t seem to get along lately or it’s just the Atlanta venues and my being used to European ones. Small stage in the corner and I have never waited so long for a beer (and I was damn thirsty when I arrived).

But back to Sanctified Revival, the band is Harley Dills on vocals and guitar, TJ Hunt on lead guitar, Bill Mitchell on bass and Owen Dills on drums.

One of their songs was very country (I do think the new traditionalist style is very rock oriented these days) and after a short happy birthday interlude for someone in the audience they finished with a Fleetwood Mac cover of “Go Your Own Way”.

Check out this band on Facebook and Twitter @SanctifiedR as well as ReverbNation or their homepage. I do hope I get to see a complete gig of these guys soon.


I had spoken with Chase after reviewing the CD about the keyboard and he had mentioned that is was something they were experimenting with. Well, today they had a big ass keyboard on stage. Sweet. They immediately started the gig with “Got the Power”.

Followed by their Mothers Finest cover of “Truth’ll Set You Free”

After a song about ‘being an asshole’ Justin announced the next song with the statement  that ‘we all need to come together and not be divided’. Right you are, dude. Chase seemed to be having some mic problems before they played one of their favorite songs.

Before playing the next song (the first few bass strokes reminded of the beginning of “Crazy Train”), Justin told the audience that ‘this was the first place he played together with the other guys in the band’. Then came a new song with heavy keyboards, I really liked this. Chase told me after the show that they were still experimenting with this and I must say experimental success indeed.

Next came a nice bluesy rock tune “Devil Woman” and it hit my mind that Justin not only sings, plays bass and drums, but now also keyboard. Very talented musicians this bunch. Of course a cover of Led Zeppelin could not be missing and this is one of the few bands capable of pulling it off.

A short drum interlude from Zak and Justin switched to bass while Chase grabbed the guitar and they continued to rock.

After a song off of the CD, the next song ended with a good Rage Against the Machine (Bulls On Parade) cover and unfortunately my iPhone capacity was full so I could not record Beau playing Justin’s guitar which was so rad. But I did get some jamming after I deleted some old stuff.

Another Song off the CD and they played a cover version of Alice In Chain’s “Man In a Box”. Interesting, Beau plays bass also, this band is always good for a surprise. Guys, how many instruments does each of you play? Just amazing.

One last song and another great performance by a great band was over. Afterwards I had a chance to talk with Chase, who told me they are getting ready to go back in the studio again. Will be great to hear what they come out with.

I will more than likely be seeing them again on the 23rd. I suggest if you can, to go take in this very talented band.

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