Moses Mo – Decatur, GA gig

December 2, 2016 – Decatur, GA – The Vista Room

This was the third time seeing Moses Mo’s solo project live. First off, the venue sucked! First and last time I went there. Just like Terminal West, beer in cans, which I absolutely despise. Then there was confusion with the tab. No clue why I gave that girl a tip (I’m just too nice at times).

But back to topic, Moses Mo delivered (again). With his red guitar and his bandmates Mikey Long, Zero Basement and Gabe Frankel, he rocked the roof off of the joint with his bluesy funky rockstyle. I deliberately missed the opening act, Liz Brasher, after I had looked her up online. Her slow blues was just not my musical taste, but feel free to check her out

Moses Mo started the evening with an old Mothers Finest song “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way” and followed with this:

Next came “Try Me” and the bass player seemed to be having some issues. It was quite the sight seeing him continue to play while a technician was working on his bass guitar. True showmanship.

“Round and Round” was next, not really one of my favorite songs, followed by “Better Hurry” and “Come On Over”, a song, that according to Moses Mo, is as close to blues as they come. The only song where the crowd stopped dancing and on this evening not really a favorite of mine either, although it’s actually not a bad song.

With “All the Time” some serious foot stomping set in. Another Mothers Finest original followed, “Truth’ll Set You Free”.

Up next was “Can’t Have Nothin'”, a song about ‘not being able to have nothing’ (obviously, lol) followed by “Sometimes I Feel”. No clue what came after this as I was having my tab issues with the bartender, but then it was “Soul Wrecker”, a song I really like a lot. Unfortunately, I think the audience differed because the venue started to empty more and more (I think it was the venue and it’s location, people in this area tend to listen to a different style of music).

Next up a song about coffee, my kinda song. Unfortunately I was annoyed most of the evening by some people near me taking pictures (with flash) all night and disturbing my enjoyment, not the fault of Moses Mo. Again, the geography and it’s population.

“Talk To Me” got us back rocking.

“Call Me Baby” was a good jam, but the venue still kept getting emptier. A short birthday song for someone in the audience and then the last song of the evening. This is where Moses Mo shows off his guitar talent, playing with his teeth and such.

Although the venue wasn’t the best choice, Moses Mo did once again show us how a professional musician rocks. I had the feeling Zero Basement didn’t rap as much as usual. The mix of guitar and rap was unusual when I first heard them, but it fits and makes the band unique. They should build more on. Way to go Mo! Even with my complaints about the venue, you managed to once again entertain me. Can’t wait to see this band again.

You can download their songs here:

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