Stone Broken: The Cluny Gig Review

When I first heard of Stone Broken it was on The Cock and Crow Show (which is a video podcast on Facebook, Click here for the shows page)  a few months back and thats  when the show interviewed James Blake from Idlewar, and he announced that they were going to tour with Stone Broken in the UK, and they were doing 8 dates with them. One of those dates was at The Cluny in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Well when the day came (29th of November), now bearing in mind I don’t go to Newcastle much, the only time I go there is for gigs. Now were The Cluny is I haven’t been to that part of Newcastle before, so I went out of the house early to make sure I get there in time, I got there an hour before the doors opened, but the bar was open, so i went in and had a drink. The staff of The Cluny are friendly. The venue is set in an old bottling plant. As I was waiting for the doors to open for the gig, the building and the area is nice part of Newcastle as its just up from the River Tyne on one of it tributary’s.

The doors opened and people started to go in.

Florence Black

Florence Black was the first band on, and they were pretty awesome. This band from The Valleys of Wales, are a three piece band. Now I am of the generation where I can remember seeing support bands that were usually shockingly bad but since 2000 with the internet, all bands had to raise their games, Florence Black is one of the bands that raised their game. I was surprised that this band rocked out big time, and believe me they Rocked Hard. The bassist and guitarist/singer were all over the small stage, even the drummer was properly rocking out, I don’t say this about any drummer, but this drummer reminded me of Keith Moon in his style, and I have only said that about 2 maybe 3 drummers in the past that I have seen live.



As they done their 3o minute set, the stand out song for me was their last song they did, the song is called Johnny, now this song, was their first ever song they had written, and this song is pretty awesome. I will have to check out this band more.


Idlewar was up next, and this was the band that I wanted to see, as I first heard of these guys on The Cock and Crow Show on Facebook, and when I heard their music and when they announced that they were doing a UK tour with Stone Broken, I had to go see these guys. Idlewar is a three piece band from southern California and they are a (and the only way I can describe them) Bluesy Hard Rock band.

sunp0083 sunp0084

When started to play their set, from the first song to the last, they were amazing, what more could I ask for. They captured the crowd’s attention from the start and and kept it to the end. Rick the guitarist was in the zone and was rocking out on stage, as he was just happy being there on stage performing to an appreciative crowd. James the bassist and singer was brilliant, James’ vocals were on point and and brilliant for the style of music that they were doing and he plays one mean bass. Peter the drummer was excellent, from where I was standing, which was near the stage, he was so good that I might put him up there with Dave Grohl, as he was technically that good as a drummer.

The songs that stood out for me was Stone In My Heel, Glory and my personal favourite and the song that got me into Idlewar, Feel The Pain. Their whole 45 minute set was absolutely brilliant, from start to finish.

I would like to thank The Cock And Crow Show for putting me onto these amazing guys.

Stone Broken

Now I haven’t really heard much about this band. The only thing I know about is that they are a four piece band from Walsall UK. From what I saw of them they are really good, I wanted to stay and watch these guys perform their whole set, but I had to leave early (which really annoys me, when I have to leave a gig early) because I had to travel over hour to get home.

This band is is pretty good to the point, where if they gig here again I would go and see them and watch their whole set. As they jump about the stage and get the crowd involved.

I would highly recommend to anyone to go and see these bands as they are brilliant live

I would give Florence Black a 4 out of 5 need to see and hear more from these guys as they sounded great on the night.

I would give Idlewar a 5 out of 5 what more can I say apart from they were awesome.

I would give Stone Broken a 4.5 out of 5 want to see the full set and hear more of their music.

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