Mother’s Finest – Atlanta, GA gig

November 20, 2016 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West

When I was in middle school, band shirts consisted of only three bands: Journey, REO Speedwagon and Mother’s Finest. I grew up with these guys. They have been playing since 1970, but it took me until 1990 to see them the first time. Now, after waiting 26 years, I had the privilege of seeing them again. No, not seeing, experiencing.

Terminal West is an old plow manufacturing foundry turned into a venue. Downside of this place, they only serve beer in cans. I hate beer in cans! Anyway, at 8PM the band finally hit the stage:

It was so great seeing 2/3 of the founding members (Joyce, Glenn, Gary and Jerry) up on stage with Dion, the son of Joyce and Glenn and John on guitars, who was with the band when I saw them first time (and on a note, it was also great meeting all of them).

They kept ’em coming with their ’77 cover version of “Burning Love” followed by “Truth’ll Set You Free”. Joyce has still got the power.

By the fourth song all hands were in the air. Afterwards we had the first short musical break, they jammed it up from the start. They continued with “Mickey’s Monkey” and Moses Mo, with his red guitar, showed us how it’s done. I have to say, he was a real comic on stage this evening. You could feel the positive vibes in the band, having been playing together for so long.

After they played a few songs off of the new album, “Goody Two Shoes & the Filthy Beasts”, they had the crowd heavily involved.

After two more songs and Joyce sipping her pineapple juice, finally my favorite tune “Baby Love”.

Two more songs that had them really jammin’ the house and a great evening was over.

Every good band needs an encore, and for Mother’s Finest it was “Somebody To Love”. And we all loved it!

It was so great seeing this band again and hard to believe they have been at it for 46 freaking years!!! Name me another American band that has been performing this long and tell me Atlanta is NOT the rock capitol of the nation. And go buy the new CD, it’s well worth it.

Oh, and just another word on the venue, Terminal West. I have never seen a venue close so fast and literally kick everyone out. Last time I am going there for sure.

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