Metal Empire Showcase – gig review – Pt 5 Seven Kingdoms

Finally time for the last band of the evening, Seven Kingdoms from Florida.

Very decent speed metal indeed. Unfortunately, they played AFTER Legion X had killed it, and so the venue started to get very empty. I, myself, also skipped out on most of this band, not because they weren’t good (they were), but after Legion X it’s just wasn’t the same. Plus, I was speaking with all the other bands at the time.

Seven Kingdoms formed in 2007 and are Sabrina Valentine on vocals, Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd on guitars, Keith Byrd on drums and Aaron Sluss on bass.

One of the few bands to have a drum solo as part of their gig (need more of these).

Sabrina has a great voice and all of the band members know how to play their instruments. Sabrina admitted to being a dork that loves Harry Potter and she even wrote a song about Severus Snake.

I really do hope I can see this band again to enjoy the fast music they play.

You can find Seven Kingdoms on Facebook and Twitter @7KOfficial They also have a homepage

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