Wizards of Gore: Tales of PartyPornoGoreGrind Review

Wizards Of Gore are a Croatian based band, out of Zagreb. When they messaged PMM through Twitter, to see I was up to doing a review, I said OK (I do give any band a chance to impress me), send it over.

When I came to do this review, I wanted this album to be absolutely brilliant but when I came to listen to it, I was so disappointed, the music was really good, but there are 3 major things that let the album down and they are:

1st – and I say this loosely – the lyrics were done in the form of squealing pig, and I just don’t know what the hell the singer or the band was on when they came up with this idea.

2nd, On one or two of the track fillers, they have inserted, they talk about Bestiality, now considering that I am an animal lover, this is a no go area.

And thirdly, and this is a big dislike, on the last track of the album, they are making a joke about Harry Potter being a wizard, I thought OK fair enough, I thought this was descending pretty fast into the absurd as they were swearing quite profusely, but when they said “Chinky” and “Coon”, I was thinking Fuck No, you cannot say that, even if its in a joke form, you just can’t say it.

I was going to give them a 3, but with this last track with the racial slurs content, it pissed me right off, I will Not be listening to this band ever again.

I would give this band a 1 out of 5 and that’s just for the music nothing else, and that is generous.

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