Homicide Black: hbII EP review

As previously announced, here my review of the Homicide Black EP “hbII”, which was so graciously provided to me by the band at their Atlanta gig on Oct 29th (PMM reported).

The packaging itself differs from most recordings you can buy at gigs. The cover opens up with a flap to the left and then a flap to the right, put your hands on your hips (jk) and you will see that the CD is very much protected as it sits in a plastic tray. The flaps each have a member of the band and the lyrics to a song. Someone put a lot of thought and care into the design itself, bravo.

The EP consists of four songs:

Where My Demons Lie: The song starts with guitars and has a very nice southern rock edge to it before the Sabbath sounding guitars set in and Sean begins yelling out the song.  Great bluesy sounding rock kind of like Bon Jovi on steroids, but much better. Great guitar riffs, a nice beat, all in all a great start for the CD.

Somebody To Love: The old Jefferson Airplane classic perfectly performed by the band. Just a bit harder, better fitting to the sign of the times.

Hate: The song starts with a cool guitar riff that reminds of Black Sabbath, then Sean’s voice sets in. No, he is not a Ronnie James Dio (who is?), but thinking of all the different vocalists they have had after Ozzy and Dio, he sure would be a good fit. Solid bass and drums, the song is not a headbanger but very powerful and the refrain parts have your foot stomping. Just like some good old Sabbath, which seems to really be the best comparison, especially when they jam it towards the end of the song (ok, now we’re headbanging).

Lifeless (But Beautiful): This song written by Jazz, the drummer of the band, starts with a guitar riff after which drums and bass set in. Sean hits the vocals perfect as he does on all the songs. Good beat, good riffs, the head and foot start moving. Air guitar sets in. Best song on the EP in my opinion. My fav.

A definitely must have especially for all Sabbath fans. If this band is ever in your town, you must see them and grab a copy of the EP. I will definitely go see them again. From me 4.5 of 5


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