Decryptus: The Necrotic Design EP Review

When Decryptus Messaged Project Metal Music on Twitter, and I thought that this message was going to be yet another automated response to me following them, but when I replied and responded, I thought Thank fuck for that, there is a real person here and not a bot. So we struck up a conversation, and they sent through a link to there video, so I watched it, and believe when I say the the video was good, so on the strength of it I asked if we could a review, and they agreed. Decryptus are a really good set of guys.

Decryptus are from New South Wales, Australia, and the band consists of Will Magnusson – Vocals & Guitar, Sam Phillips – Drums, Dominic Zambelli – Bass, Dane McKenzie – Guitar. They are a Thrash/Death Metal hybrid, and at first, before I even heard the EP, I thought that this was an interesting combo, and this should be good, as they have combined two of my favourite genres of Metal.


The Necrotic Design is a 15 minute track, but it is a a three part track all rolled up into one track. The first part is called THE CHRYSALIS THRONE, this has sweet Death Metal drumming and some cool Thrash Metal riffing and shredding. Will Magnusson’s vocals are brilliant, as he does some pretty good death growls. All of this pure goodness carries on to the second part of the EP which is, ALTARS OF A FLESHLESS VOID, which starts from around 5 minute mark, this part of the EP is better than the last and it is more brutal than the last part.


You can see the video just to see what I mean about this band being totally brilliant and brutal.

Part three is called OUROBOROS RISING and it starts at around 9 minutes 20 and this part is awesome as this goes from Brutal Death Metal to some pretty epic Thrash riffing and shredding with an overture of Death Metal in the vocals.

As I have listened the EP a few times now,and it has definitely has grown on me, and I can’t wait to hear more from Decryptus. If you love Thrash and Death Metal, I highly recommend you to go out and by this EP. You can get it from Decryptus’ Bandcamp page.

I would give Decryptus a 4.5 out of 5 for a devilish brutal EP that is The Necrotic Design


Project Metal Music


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